Snipping Tool Shortcut: Capture Screenshots Effortlessly

Capturing screenshots is a common task that most computer users need to perform from time to time. The Snipping Tool, available on both Windows and Mac systems, offers a simple and effective way to capture screenshots. In this article, we will explore the Snipping Tool and delve into the world of Snipping Tool shortcuts, which can save time and make the screen-capturing process even more efficient.

What is the Snipping Tool?

The Snipping Tool is a built-in screen-capture utility found on the Windows operating system. It allows users to capture specific areas of their screen, such as a portion of a webpage, an image, or a document, and save the screenshot for later use.

Why Use Snipping Tool Shortcuts?

Snipping Tool shortcuts provide quick and convenient ways to perform screen captures without the need to navigate through menus or use mouse clicks. Using keyboard shortcuts can significantly speed up the process of taking screenshots and improve productivity.

Snipping Tool Shortcut in Windows 10

Windows users can take advantage of the following Snipping Tool shortcut keys:

  1. Windows Key + Shift + S: This shortcut lets you capture a selected portion of the screen and copies it to the clipboard.
  2. Alt + M: After using the above shortcut, this key allows you to choose a capture mode (Rectangular, Freeform, Window, or Fullscreen).
  3. Ctrl + C: Copies the snip to the clipboard after capturing.
  4. Ctrl + S: Saves the snip to a file on your computer.
  5. Ctrl + Print Screen: Captures the entire screen and saves it to the clipboard.

Snipping Tool Shortcuts for Mac

Mac users can utilize the following Snipping Tool shortcuts:

  1. Command + Shift + 4: This shortcut turns the cursor into a crosshair to select a specific area for capturing.
  2. Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar: After using the previous shortcut, this key enables you to capture a specific window.
  3. Command + Shift + 3: Captures the entire screen.
  4. Command + Control + Shift + 3: Similar to the above, but saves the screenshot to the clipboard.
  5. Command + Control + Shift + 4: Captures a selected portion of the screen and saves it to the clipboard.
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Customizing Snipping Tool Shortcuts

Both Windows and Mac systems allow users to customize Snipping Tool shortcuts according to their preferences. This can be done through the system settings or third-party tools that offer more advanced customization options.

Useful Tips for Snipping Tool Users

Consider these tips to enhance your Snipping Tool experience:

  1. Annotation Tools: The Snipping Tool offers basic annotation tools to add notes, highlights, and drawings to your screenshots.
  2. OneNote Integration: Windows users can send snips directly to Microsoft OneNote for easy organization and sharing.
  3. Saving in Different Formats: Snipping Tool allows you to save screenshots in various formats, such as PNG, JPEG, and GIF.
  4. Delay Timer: The Snipping Tool includes a delay timer, allowing you to set a delay before capturing the screenshot.

Alternative Snipping Tools

While the built-in Snipping Tool is sufficient for most users, some may prefer alternative third-party tools that offer additional features and functionalities. Examples of such tools include Snagit, Greenshot, and Lightshot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use the Snipping Tool to capture video?

No, the Snipping Tool is designed for capturing static screenshots. For capturing videos, you will need a separate screen-recording tool.

2. Does the Snipping Tool come pre-installed on all Windows and Mac systems?

Yes, the Snipping Tool is included in most versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

3. Can I use Snipping Tool shortcuts on a touchscreen device?

Yes, Snipping Tool shortcuts work on touchscreen devices with an external keyboard connected.


The Snipping Tool and its shortcuts offer an easy and efficient way to capture screenshots, whether you need to save important information, share visual content, or communicate more effectively. With these handy shortcuts at your fingertips, capturing and saving images from your screen has never been more straightforward. So go ahead and make use of the Snipping Tool shortcuts to enhance your screen-capturing experience on Windows and Mac systems.

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